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The Goddess Within

The Goddess Within


This is a Hypnotic narrative to connect with your own Inner Goddess and Essential Nature.  

Prepare to enjoy full, vibrant imagination with a fairy-tale like engagement to elicit feelings of connection and wonderment.  Refresh deep understandings of connection, and experience the celebration of YOU!

This is an extended listen; 50 odd minutes, so please ensure you are somewhere conducive to listening without distraction.  It might also be best to pop yourself a bit upright to stave off going too deep and therefore consciously integrating the content. 


Please listen at least once daily.  Upon waking or before sleeping is generally best, as we are close to or easily access the theta trance state at these times. You may listen multiple times a day.  After listening consciously to the track at least 5 times, you may then turn the track down in the background - just loud enough for you to hear and tune in if you need to, but you don't have to. This is an extremely effective